Your Delight is Our Mission

Everyone desires and wants to look Beautiful and Charming, but not everyone takes it seriously. Some of us do take it seriously for some time, it is only temporary. While people who have a beautiful face, or are fair skinned get a pimple or a wound  or a spot on the face people talk about them and call them names. Some even try different cosmetics or crème to get rid of the pimple or spot on the face or body or try to look fair, but when they don’t get the desired result get discouraged or continue it temporarily.


Others have similar problems with their hair, but they ignore it and don’t pay attention. But this should not be so, in such cases, you must be watchful, and remember that these measures and treatments  can be found in the medical field.

The skin, hair, Cosmetology, and laser service has been running for 14 years at Dr. Sunil Deshmukh SPARSH Clinic. Dr. Sunil Deshmukh’s medical degree is from the Pune University. D.V.D. from Belgaon (Karnataka). After his degree Dr.Deshmukh started his own clinic in 2000 and he has been Diligently serving patients in Nanded for the past 15 consecutive years.

His wife joined Him in his journey. Mrs. Dr. Aarti Sunil Deshmukh is  a Dental Surgeon. Her medical degree is from Pune University. She has been serving patients since 2004.

Best Skin Clinic in Nanded

  • State of the are Infrastructure, and latest Medical Equipments.
  • Regular Visits by Hair Transplant Surgeon.
  • 5 Treatment Rooms and Operation Theatre, along with Room for Pre & Post Procedure Care.